Show notes: Risky Business #263

John McAfee's bath salt shelving instructions not included...
November 15, 2012 -- 

This week's show notes are chock-a-block! We've got the official, AFP/ASIO/AG definition of communications data, we've got music, we've got sponsored whitepapers! Go bonkers! Go nuts!

This week's feature interview source material:

The AFP's definition of communications metadata:

This week's news items:

John McAfee, in Hiding, Condemns Belizean Government as 'Pirates' | Threat Level |

Skype Restores Password Resets, Repairs Flaw that Allows Account Hijacking | threatpost

Attackers Compromise Adobe Connect User Site | threatpost

Google Puts Flash in a Sandbox on OS X | threatpost

Bradley Manning Offers to Plead Guilty to Partial Charges, Including Leaking to WikiLeaks | Threat Level |


Senetas - Security Products White Papers

Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves | MIT Technology Review

Dictionary apps post false piracy confessions on Twitter - Crave

Hong Kong stock exchange hacker sentenced to jail | ZDNet

Blizzard Sued Over Data Breach, Authenticator Sales | threatpost

Twitter Resets More Passwords Than Accounts Hacked | threatpost

Ransomware a growing menace, says Symantec | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Microsoft Update Includes Critical Security Update for IE 9, First Patches for Windows 8, RT | threatpost

Variant of Mac Malware Targets Tibetan Activists | threatpost

Memory Bug Fixed in Tor Client | threatpost

This week's feature track:

The Afrobiotics - Don't Play With Fire on