Show notes: Risky Business #268

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February 8, 2013 -- 

Here are links to this week's news items. I had to cut some of these from the segment for space but I left the links in. Enjoy!

Inside the Targeted Attack on The New York Times | threatpost

'Chinese still hacking us,' says Wall Street Journal owner | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Department of Energy Compromised in Sophisticated Attack | threatpost

BBC News - Twitter: Hackers target 250,000 users

Pentagon Cyber Command to expand five-fold - Applications - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence,pentagon-cyber-command-to-expan...

Critical Java Update Fixes 50 Security Holes — Krebs on Security

Apple bans Java from Macs, businesses that rely on Java bereft

Search phone calls for keywords with Metasploit - Applications - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence,search-phone-calls-for-keywords...

Microsoft, Symantec Join Forces to Take Down Bamital Click-Fraud Botnet | threatpost

Business Partners Give Hackers Easy Access to Secure Firms | threatpost

Wireless Carriers Leave Millions of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers | Threat Level |

Phil Zimmermann: 'We Really, Really Don't Have the Keys' | threatpost

Dotcom Offers €10,000 Reward For Breaking Mega's Crypto | threatpost

Yahoo Mail Breach Linked to Old Wordpress Vulnerability | threatpost

Vulnerability Lets Hackers Control Building Locks, Electricity, Elevators and More | Threat Level |

Report: Mainstream Websites Host Majority of Malware | threatpost

Crypto collisions cause denial of service in major hashes - Crypto - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence,crypto-collisions-cause-denial-...

PayPal hackers jailed in UK - Networks - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence,paypal-hackers-jailed-in-uk.aspx

How the RSA Attackers Swung and Missed at Lockheed Martin | threatpost

Backdoors Found in Barracuda Networks Gear — Krebs on Security

Security flaw in Juniper's JunOS can be used to crash routers - Networking - Technology - News -,security-flaw-in-junipers-junos-can...

Aaron Swartz's Girlfriend Explains 'Why Aaron Died'

'Aaron's Law' Proposes Reining in Federal Anti-Hacking Statute | Threat Level |

Partial Disclosure Leaves Adobe Reader Zero-Day Story in Limbo | threatpost


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The New York Times will be attacked on the inside? Wow, that seems to be an interesting angle in there. - Lindsay Rosenwald