Risky Business #269 -- Dave Aitel on the end of clientsides

Where to for infosec when clientsides become rare?
February 15, 2013 -- 

On this week's show we have a chat with industry stalwart Dave Aitel of Immunity Inc.

Dave joins us to chat about a few things -- like what it will be like when clientside memory corruption exploits become as rare as server side corruption exploits are now. How will that change the security discipline? We also have a chat about El Jefe and sneaky ways of handling command and control.

This week's show is brought to you by NCC Group, the global information security firm. NCC Group's Asia Pacific General Manager and BeEF project creator Wade Alcorn joins us in this week's sponsor slot to chat about recent Ruby on Rails bugs. It's been patched three times in the last month! But how much of a problem is that for you?

Is Ruby on Rails being used for serious business? Should it be?

Adam Boileau, as always, joins us to discuss the week's news headlines. You can find links to the articles discussed in this week's show notes.

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