PLUS news with Adam, and Rahul Kashyap on malvertising...
October 3rd, 2014 --
On this week's show we're chatting with Neel Mehta, a security researcher with Google. Neel is best known for finding the Heartbleed bug, and he joins us this week to talk about Heartbleed, ShellShock, the security of SSL stacks and where he expects vuln research to go in the future. Funnily enough this is Neel's first interview about Heartbleed, so I guess we can call this a scoop!
Heartsweat? Shellsurprise?
October 3rd, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 339 of the Risky Business podcast.
All your things are belong to everyone...
September 26th, 2014 --
In addition to covering the end of the world, this week's Risky Business features Don Bailey of Lab Mouse Security on his excellent IoT blog post, written largely in response to a Daily Dave post by Dave Aitel on so-called "junk hacking".
Repent! Repent! Bashtacular ownage!! Repent!
September 26th, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 338 of the Risky Business podcast.
All your chats R belong to no one...
September 19th, 2014 --
In this week's show we chat with The Grugq about the latest announcement and we'll also meet the creator of the Ricochet anonymous messenger software, John Brooks.
September 19th, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 337 of the Risky Business podcast.
Hack the planeeeeeeet!!
September 18th, 2014 --
With running a great piece about's latest announcement, I thought it would be a good idea to throw together a post that talks a bit about the motivations behind the project and what its roadmap actually looks like.
Haroon Meer sorts the wheat from the chaff...
September 12th, 2014 --
On this week's show we've got a great interview with Haroon Meer of Thinkst. Thinkst has a paid service that analysis the output of security conferences and puts together reports. Now, some of you might wonder why such a service would be needed, so let's put things in perspective: there were 2,700 conference presentations in the second quarter of this year at 116 events over 140 conference days. Yikes!
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September 12th, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 336 of the Risky Business podcast.
Democracy in NZ takes a strange turn to the cybarz...
September 5th, 2014 --
I'm back from a two week holiday in beautiful Indonesia, so we'll be spending most of this show catching up on what I missed while I was away! So there's plenty of news to talk about with Adam Boileau, and also a chat about some very interesting politicking going on in New Zealand.
You won't find celebrity n00ds here...
September 5th, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 335 of the Risky Business podcast...
A fascinating chat with a 34-year veteran of NSA...
August 14th, 2014 --
On this week's show we're having an extended chat with 34-year NSA veteran Brian Snow. During his career he rose to director level -- he acted as technical director of three divisions within the agency -- before he retired in 2006. Brian joins us to talk about the Snowden disclosures and how the NSA's culture changed post 9/11.
Links to all the goodies...
August 14th, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 334 of the Risky Business podcast...
Snow says it's closer than we realise...
August 14th, 2014 --
Here is the portion of my interview with Brian Snow that I didn't have room for in the main show. Snow is concerned that quantum computing breakthroughs are closer than we think and could invalidate much of the technology we depend on to secure data.
Features Thomas Drake, Jesselyn Radack, Scott Ludlam and Suelette Dreyfus...
August 14th, 2014 --
This is a recording of a panel I hosted at the Splendour in the Grass music festival forum. It features NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, WA Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, Underground author Suelette Dreyfus and Edward Snowden's attorney Jesselyn Radack.
PLUS Gamma gets pwnz0red, politicians act like knobs...
August 8th, 2014 --
We've got an absolute cracker of a show for you this week. I've let it run longer than usual because we've just got some great news and interviews this week. Our feature interview is with Alex Stamos, Yahoo's CISO. We hear from him on what his job looks like -- Yahoo has a billion users and its business and technology is incredibly diverse. So what has Alex been up to since he took the helm earlier this year? Tune in to find out!
Derp terrorism. Derp metadata. Derp computer. Internet!!
August 8th, 2014 --
Links to items discussed in episode 333 of the Risky Business podcast.
Multi-stream fragmentation is the new black...
August 1st, 2014 --
In this week's feature interview we're chat with Catherine Pearce of Neohapsis about some research she'll be presenting at BlackHat next week with her colleague Patrick Thomas. They're doing a talk all about Multipath TCP, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like and yes, it's great for doing stuff like IDS evasion and confusing firewalls.
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August 1st, 2014 --
Wikileaks has done something relevant, more details on the CMU Tor research and much more!
Drama in the world of anonymity and privacy...
July 25th, 2014 --
Earlier this week Twitter was abuzz with talk of a serious bug in the Tails live OS, a bootable on-a-DVD or USB device OS used by pro-democracy activists. And by pro democracy activists I mean, you know, potheads buying a few ounces on Silk Road, but whatever... Well according to the Twitters there was a Tails bug that was going to be a big deal... right? Riiight? Well, maybe not. The Grugq joins the show to discuss that, and the pulling of a scheduled BlackHat talk on Tor.